The Emoji Stuffed Pee Pee’s




The Emoji Cute stuffed penis

For whatever mood you are in and whatever emotion you want we have a cute pee pee penis stuffed animal for you!

The Cheeky pee pee

The cheeky pee pee has narrow eyes, wavvy red cheeks and a sassy grin.

Ideal for those that love a bit of banter with their willy love and a side of sass.

Two penises with a cheeky grin that are plush toys

The cute pee pee

Our cute pee pee stuffed penis has a sweet adorable smile with deightfully heart melting eyes and rosy red cheeks.

An absolute hug magnet.

Two stuffed penises with a cute expression

The laughing pee pee

A wide eyed, open mouthed, fun pee pee.

For those schlong lovers that adore the exciting and funny side of penis plushie mayhem this penis stuffie is for you.

Two penises that are stuffed animals with a laughing look on face

The Crying pee pee

Every once in a while a pee pee stuffed animal penis can get a wee bit lonely. Give this sweet and emotional pee pee the hug and validation that he deserves.

All he wants is an owner to hug those boohoos away.

A sad look on a penis plushie in pink and in black

The cute stuffed penises features.

  • A fun and unique emoji face on the head of the penis stuffie.
  • A lengthy shaft and feet like testicles.
  • The outer fabric is constructed from smooth plush that glides across your hand in a sumptious manner.
  • The fun wang is filled with the finest and softest cotton that makes for the most outlandish of hugs and snuggliest of head rests.
  • The stuffed penis is available in pink and brown.
  • The penis stuffed animal is available in sizes 30cm, 50cm, 70cm and 90cm to accomodate all tastes.
Your emoji stuffed pee pee is built for all occasions. This cute stuffed penis can lay on your bed at home.

Resting there and waiting for you to come in the door and bring a smile to your face.

Use your penis stuffie as a soft, snuggly pillow to enter the world of slumber or rest him on a table or cupboard to brighten up the room.

The emoji stuffed pee pee is travel certified. Take him to work or to meet your friends and bask in the fun and laughter he brings.

Or better yet give him as a gift for your friend on a birthday or at an engagement party.

Additional information


30cm, 50cm, 70cm, 90cm


Brown, Pink


Cute, Laugh, Cheeky, Cry